February 2014


Yoga-Beverage Hotties Mix Drinks, Down Dog, Music & Good Deeds

pictured: Kristine Hodsdon and friends at Wildcat Beach

"When it rains it pours" is a phrase we use to describe things we generally like to manifest, when they come in waves: job offers, love interests, party invites. But lately, I've been feeling this kind of happy gratitude - laced with a lot of wonder at my good fortune - about a set of women I've gotten to know who marry a love of drinks with stellar aptitude in yoga. Perhaps it was inevitable that upon getting into a regular yoga practice - part of a HIP TASTES Wellness initiative! - I'd gravitate towards teachers who have another foot in the drinks business. But you know, I never saw it coming, and I couldn't be more pleased to see these two interests aligning like some sweetly in-tune chakras.

So who are these hotties?

pictured: Nicole Cronin and DJ Ryan Lucero

The yoga-drinks lady movement got started with Nicole Cronin, with whom I teamed up for The Cleanse Party: DETOX/RETOX. Nic lent mindfulness savvy to the introduction of the class, initiating Hip Tasters to the art of eating and drinking with intention, keeping balance in mind when dining and enjoying each sip and bite to the max. Nicole knows a bit about each of these topics, having managed Mas Sake in SF's Marina for years while building up her own savvy around healthy foods and cooking.

Now a certified yoga instructor, Nicole's taking the nightlife-yoga combo to new heights with REBOOT, a DJ-d yoga set she's hosting monthly at The Pad Studios in Cow Hollow. She's been wrapping up classes with parties powered by stellar drinks from an array of cool brands including Vega One, Pressed Juicery and Ceago Vinegarden (see - she's still detox-retoxing ;)). Here's a VIDEO shot at Nicole's first REBOOT, with insights on music, movement and community. And this great news just in: REBOOTs will be held monthly from here out at The Pad - go check one (or several) out! Keep an eye on the Workshops schedule for details.

pictured: instructors at One Love SF, with Leila Burrows second from left

It was via Nicole, in turn, that I met entrepreneurial yoga maven Leila Burrows, who co-founded The Pad Studios. Leila's family has been in the drinks business for years, so she's been an industry savant for some time. But it's the addition of her yoga affinities and business savvy that make her a triple threat in the Hip Tastes mind's eye - and which offered the perfect excuse for me to head across town to Dogpatch WineWorks to see her bring these worlds together.

The occasion was One Love San Francisco, a yoga fundraiser benefiting the Amazon rainforest via Off the Matt Into the World's Global Seva Challenge. Leila was one of 11 teachers who donated time and fundraising leadership in guiding us through 108 sun salutations on a not-so-sunny San Francisco summer morning. She raised the most money of participating teachers for the cause and brought her cheerful, athletic style of practice to the group - this its own gift. I really enjoyed seeing her in action before sampling pours from Dogpatch WineWorks (the Chardonnay was especially memorable). That Leila shared the love in attending DETOX/RETOX - where she julienned up a storm, I might add - earlier this year was also so appreciated! ;)



pictured, from left to right: Leila Burrows, Kristine Hodsdon, Courtney Cochran

Yoga-wine worlds collided yet again when I met Kristine Hodsdon at One Love SF, where Leila cameoed. Kristine is a busy wine rep in the city working with some of the coolest books out of Spain and Eastern Europe, and turns out she's a bright young thing on the local yoga scene, too. One Love SF was Kristine's initiative, something she's been actively promoting since attending Off the Matt's leadership training program. In her words: "I became involved with wine, yoga and Seva because of the connection I feel to community and nature. There's a healthy balance between both that brings us together."

Having previewed the Dogpatch WineWorks space while working there on private events, she decided the spacious, stylishly industrial spot was the perfect venue for One Love SF. The selection was certainly doubly appealing to me, and auspicious for the organizers, too, with more than $2,300 raised for environmental justice in the Ecuadorian Amazon. For more on Kristine's fundraising efforts and the Seva challenge, visit her Seva page. Let's help her meet her fundraising goal!


pictured: One Love SF instructor Autumn Feldmeier (R) and friend at Dogpatch WineWorks


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