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*Wine for Techies*
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Last night I accepted the challenge of writing a blog post in 10 minutes at a General Assembly digital marketing class led by the charming Ritika Puri.

I felt that combining my affection for tech and wine was totally appropriate - here is the 10-minute post, with just a couple of *tiny* updates made apres:

If you are a...

Content creator
Look for something flowery and purportedly soulful, like Pinot Noir. Fact checking is crucial - this variety's becoming over-planted. Look to New Zealand, Russian River, Santa Rita and Oregon for inspiring selections.

Grab a bottle from an obscure location with challenging coordinates, an improbable pour that somehow manages to be a game-changer. I'm thinking Finger Lakes Riesling.

Number cruncher (aka OG)
You are the IRL evidence of earlier, pre-digital times. You will enjoy older vintages and elevated prices...vintage Port.

SEO wizard/growth hacker/marketing wonk
You are relentlessly trying to game the system. You don't play by everyone else's rules...in other words, you are French (or at least your wine should be). Go big: go bubbles - Champagne.

UX developer
Elegance and intuition. Genius but not obviously so...I'm thinking German, cut from a nouveau-, Berlin-inspired cloth. Rock some Rheingau - but red (hello, Spatburgunder!), to be divergent. Because you live for disruption.

You run this town. You in fact run this - urban - winery, too (natch). A just-in batch of nouveau SF will blow away any annual offerings from Beaujolais touching down this month. Next stop: world wide wine domination!

Image credit: General Assembly

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