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Introducing: Les Cleanse Party Mavens!
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**Updated 4/17: Read the press on Cleanse Party and the collaboration with these lovely ladies here!

One of the best things about HIP TASTES has always been the opportunities it affords to get out into the local scene and work with some amazing people. And by "working" with people I usually mean drinking (the line gets very fine around these parts). In a bit of a departure from the normal way of doing things, here are a couple of ladies with whom I've actually been doing more thinking than drinking in recent months. A good thing given that we're doing The Cleanse Party together!

I can't think of two better collaborators to work with in helping Hip Tasters find the savvy they've been seeking in the realms of wellness (think juice cleanses, raw foods meal prep, yoga & mindful eating & drinking) AND wine. In this three-part class we'll talk about the essential need for balance and how to view wine in the context of your overall healthy lifestyle. Cue: applause (because we want both, right?).

Next Cleanse Party is May 10 - details @ cleanseparty.eventbrite.com

Adina Niemerow (pictured, top)
Holistic chef, health coach and author Adina Niemerow studied healing with whole foods, Asian traditions and Modern Nutrition, meditation, shiatsu, yoga, and tai chi at the Heartwood Institute with Paul Pitchford, renowned leader in plant based nutrition. She completed her culinary education at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. A good part of her life has been in the kitchens at the top wellness spas and restaurants including The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and the French Laundry. She has been personal holistic chef to Fortune 500 CEOs, top designer, musicians, models and Hollywood actors.

About Adina's book, Super Cleanse, in her own words
"Super Cleanse has 12 programs that awaken the spirit as much as the body and mind. They're mini retreats that pull you out of your daily routine so that you can examine what you're consuming - and what’s consuming you - whether it's the food you eat, the lifestyle you choose or the environment you're living in. They give you a quick tune up as well as an opportunity to recalibrate and re-align with your internal guidance system.

My cleanse programs are hybrids of all that I've seen, experienced and learned. Food is definitely the anchor in each one, because what you eat affects our whole being. We have the answer to staying clear, light and awake in what can seem like dark times. So, my question to you is: How could we not take time out to do a cleanse?"
Adina's Super Cleanse, rejuvenation programs and other offerings can be found @ adinamiemerow.com


Nicole Cronin (pictured above in photo by Philey Sanneh)
Nicole Cronin has had a lifelong love affair with all things food and beverage. And then she found yoga. After graduating from UCLA, she secured her first restaurant management position at age 23. From a small restaurant/lounge, she went on to run the show at Mas Sake Sushi in San Francisco's Marina district for seven years until she broke her back in a car accident in 2012. Once she was back on her feet, Nicole knew she must get certified in yoga, her other deep love.

The daughter of a holistic healer and equally passionate about food and yoga, Nicole has found a way to keep one foot in the restaurant and nightlife world while balancing her dedication to everything wellness-related. Nicole believes that true magic can come from an experience during which dining and mindfulness are consciously brought together. When everything put on the table and in your body is thoughtfully chosen and appreciated, Nicole knows the experience slows down and we can release into the present moment.

Yoga was Nicole's gateway to meditation- seated, moving, both on and off the mat. She now strives to bring mindfulness and presence to all aspects of life, whether it's sitting down to the perfect bottle of wine with friends or hosting a yoga-and-meditation evening in her living room. She believes that anyone who devotes focus to it can achieve clarity of mind, balance and a deep sense of inner power.
Learn more about Nicole @ Facebook.com/NicoleCronin


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