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I Left My Heart @ Spotify
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I have a new crush, and no it's not Georgian wine or grower Champs or micro blogging about Georgian wine or grower Champs (although all of that does sound splendid). My crush is quite simply music - but not just any music - Spotified music. I feel kind of like a nerd raving about it, but I can't help it: Spotify *rocks*!

I love the ease of making playlists and discovering new music. I have literally found so much new music over the past few months it's ushered in a whole new vibe - it's like my aural senses are finally indulging in the level of insanely delicious treats as my palate. Okay, no more gushing. Here are some of my favorite recent compilations. I'll be dropping more playlists with new events and wine releases - so it should be an exciting way to convey the HIP TASTES message to curious ears at large. - CC


Unified 2013 - I created this playlist when I was preparing for my Consumer Trends presentation at this year's Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. A lot of positive music you want to work to, but you wouldn't know it by the artists' names: Cults, Hurts, Modest Mouse, Grizzly Bear...

Listen to the Unified playlist


HT VDay - This is quite possibly my favorite playlist of all time. And yes, I am considering the ones you make when you're 13 and totally obsessive about music (some of it good, much of it mortifying). Rubblebucket, which I just discovered at a show in February, Frank Ocean, Julian Casablancas, James Blake, Lana...

Listen to the HT VDay playlist


Tahoe TGIF - Ah yes, the Tahoe take on the quintessential weekend playlist. Um, Chromeo. New obsession. Don Henley. Journey (oh yes I did). Vampire Weekend. Black Keys. Go on, get your w/e on...

Listen to the Tahoe TGIF playlist

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