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#jobbytime #industryinsight: Mutineer Magazine Drink Careers *Workin* It
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It seems so obvious, yet many have overlooked it: During the recession, and since, one of the best-growing industries has been...drinks. Makes sense, right? People may have spent less on many things, but the personal austerity measures we enacted don't seem to have eradicated this all-important category (you know you're doing your part to help this trend along). Happily, it's also meant drinks careers have been a bright spot in an otherwise pretty desolate landscape for consumer goods. And - they're hiring.

And so in light of all this, I'm proud to be a member of the Mutineer Magazine Drink Careers Project 101 Advisory Board. Together with some 100 other drinks career imcumbents (think sommeliers, entrepreneurs, winemakers, soda slingers, writers, brand mavens, etc.) I'll be sharing tips and insights on how to navigate the tricky but rewarding work inside the beverage industry. I'm psyched to get to know what's going on with new college grads and others looking to transition to the industry, too, so this is shaping up to be an exciting and enriching journey.

Mutineer is raising money via Kickstarter to spread the word far and wide where industry work goes. The result of their hard work will be a printed how-to guide to pursuing a career in the beverage industry. You can do your part in supporting this important cause either by making a donation here or retweeting and posting items shared on Twitter or Facebook (or this post!). This looks to be a great conversation - and we couldn't do that without a big audience, support and broad participation.

I'll be tweeting from @HIpTastesMaven

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Please follow me in those spots if you aren't already and let's get this (job) party started!


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