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Consumer Trends HEAT @ Unified 1/31
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More than 12,000 guests! 650 product mavens! Awesome talks! Massive industry merriment!

This Thursday (9am-11:30am) I'll be joining a fresh faced group of wine industry insiders for the Consumer Trends general session chat at Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. I'm thrilled to have been invited. The session will share insights for wine growers, producers and others in the wine collective on how to keep up with emerging trends. It aims to answer a lot of pressing questions, including (this one specified in the session descriptor): "Why have Moscato and new red wine blends flourished, and what does it mean for the future of both the industry and the food and wine experience?" Indeed.

As a *new!* negociant producer of a red blend I'll bring some case study savvy, and draw upon my sommelier/educator/writer background in pondering just these sorts of questions. Watch for lifestyle cues and various brand success stories around influences as varied as love, wellness, sustainability, music and more. Come on down if you'll be there - and Q&A is always a great time to ask for more.

Consolidation Consolation 2-4pm
In addition to the general session Thursday morning, I'll be moderating a marketing panel breakout later in the day on surviving consolidation. AKA staying relevant and in the game, even as the players who distribute wine shrink in # and competition continues to rise. Talk about a squeeze. Thanks to super savvy panelists Jason Haas (Tablas Creek), Ed LeMay (Constellation), Daren Cliff (The Estates Group) and Hank Beal (Nugget Market, UC Davis guest lecturer) we should have a solid chat and great takeaways. I'll be intro'g everyone with an inspirational quote of their personal selection, so get ready for some philosophy and motivational pointers served up alongside the practical advice.

For those who may not know, Unified is the Western Hemisphere's biggest wine trade show, a mega-event that takes over the convention center in downtown Sacramento for a multi-day blowout every January. Looking for a new mechanical harvester? You'll find it at the trade show. Looking for cork or glass, alt packaging or - per chance - ideas for keeping abreast of trends and making the most of your brand in the wine biz? You've come to the right place.

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