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MUST LOVE PIZZA (Match.com Vinous Fantasy + Existential Tomatoes)
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Originally penned this for a freelance client who didn't love this wine, hence it's landing here (you may recall an earlier entry in which I teased the piece - but it didn't wind up being published after all). I'm a fan of this easy-drinking red so no matter. If you're acquainted with Match.com, it's almost a beat-by-beat adaptation of the profile format.

About Me & Who I'm Looking For: I'm looking for someone adventurous who loves to LOL, doesn't take himself too seriously, and - this part's a "must" - has a deep, uncompromising love of pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, New York, Neapolitan - it doesn't matter to me which type you [heart symbol] (though it's even better if you [heart symbol] them all). So long as you partake of the pie when we're together, this relationship is destined to be one with sizzle.

Interests: Cocktail hours, happy hours, home-cooked meals, long meals, fast-casual meals, picnics.
For Fun: I like to mix it up and hit the occasional tailgate party, book club get-together and excursion to the cool new wine bar. I even like to smuggle into a movie if it's a title I can relate to on a deep personal level, like The Hangover Part II.
Favorite Hot Spots: I'm raised in vineyards throughout the Golden State, ultimately winding up at our winery on California's Central Coast, not far from the infamous Soledad State Prison (hence the name "Big House," heh). It may not be the sexiest place to come from, but it's home. I gladly venture out for dates and will meet you pretty much wherever you are - providing you strike me as worth the journey (see handle above).
Last Read: The Cheese Manifesto, American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza, and The Great Tomato Book. Right now I'm really interested in the existential state of the tomato in its post on-the-vine, pre prepared-sauce incarnation.
Sign: I come largely from very special 100+ year-old vines, but I don't recall exactly in which month these vines were born back then. Can you blame me? While memory wanes in old vines as it does in humans, both also get better with time (FYI: I am * very * young at heart). The complexity I offer thanks to concentrated old-vines fruit is smartly offset with reasonably low alcohol (13.5%) and suave notes of jammy red berries, black pepper, olive and a dash of spice akin to the red pepper flakes you love on your pizza.

My Date: You like to go out, but you are equally happy staying at home for the night with a pie and a cool flick. You have an unabashed zeal for life and are drawn to the quirky over the urbane, the quality over the costly. Last but not least, you know a good thing when you see it, and you believe in always seizing the bottle - er, moment.

Even better: both.

>>Who I am: 2009 Big House "Beastly Old Vines" California Cardinal Zin

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