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Edible Flowers: Meatpaper SF MoMa Rooftop Event 4.21.11
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sasha1.JPGMeatpaper editor Sasha Wizansky (pictured) and a coterie of fabulous food purveyors glammed up MoMa's rooftop terrace last Thursday with flora-inspired foods and tasty quaffs. Wines by Scribe completed the scene. I had a blast, not least because the event was gratis (eats and pours were reasonably priced) with apres 6pm Thurs museum entry (fab: just $9) but because it was just beautiful: Foods - all of which had edible floral ingredients - literally tasted beautiful. streetsign.JPGDelightful embellishments like Leif Hedendal's addition of essential floral oils to finish his plates were mind-bendingly delicious, yet subtle.

I was so inspired, in fact, that I added rose petals to the Easter Champagne cocktail I served today at my sister's Easter party (roses are edible; I used organic stems to avoid any pesticides or other icky stuff making it into our quaffs). To make them,

flora.JPGI muddled rose petals with fresh mint and cucumber and a bit of simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. I shook the mixture generously with ice and strained it into flutes, then topped each with bubbly and garnished with a sprig of mint. I really felt it was the essence of spring in a glass, with the best part (read: rose petals!) inspired by the Meatpaper event.

leifoils.JPGSpeaking of, MoMa's rooftop terrace was delightful in the early spring evening. I imagine this will be a great spot to hang out as things continue to warm up a bit; pics here show the terrace, including a whimsical street sign-inspired installation, and the interior of the event space just beyond, replete with a stylish crowd. detailplate.JPGSartorial sensibilities leaned towards the earthy (cue lace-up suede boots, which aren't my style per se but seemed perfectly suited to the scene and theme), which is, after all, apropos for an event focused on edible lovely things that are blooming all around us right now.

-->All pics taken on my iPhone; pls excuse image quality!<--oliveoilguy.JPG

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