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ZAP This Saturday: Are You Bitchin'?
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bitchinkitchen.jpgThe annual Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (ZAP) tasting will go down as usual this Saturday at San Francisco's Fort Mason. And though the enthusiastically swilling, purple-mouthed masses will also be there - by the thousands, I kid not - as usual, one significant guest will be a first-timer. Nadia G, so-called culinary temptress and host of Cooking Channel's Bitchin' Kitchen, will headline the festival, according to press materials. Indeed, the Montreal-based food media maven promises to "rock ZAP Fest this year" with her signature "saucy comic relief" and cherry red stilettos. Which means: She'll be hosting a food and Zin pairing demo, and blogging from the grand tasting. In hot shoes.

This Wine Tasting: Not Normal (But Good)
While Ms. G's participation sounds like an interesting addition to event, the reason I like ZAP is that it brings together wine producers and enthusiasts of California's sort-of own grape (thanks to DNA fingerprinting, we know Zin actually originated in Croatia, but who's getting hung up on specifics?) to celebrate this unapologetically fun wine in a totally unstuffy setting. Garish but great outfits; sippers young, old and everything-in-between alike; edgy producers; disgruntled "old guard" wine aficionados (frustrated, no doubt, at having to put up with the party atmosphere) cheek and jowl with upstart bloggers; these are just a few of the things that really draw me to ZAP. Well, that and the lure of that fabulous yet elusive animal: the next big Zin.

Tip: For those of you tuning in from home and bummed to miss the fun, Ms. G's whereabouts will be broadcast throughout the festivities live on her blog and at ZAP's Facebook page.

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