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Wedding Wines
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wedding.jpgAs my own sis is about to be hitched, I took due inspiration for this latest piece for WineCountry.com from the many activities that lead up to and really make a wedding an EVENT. Yes, you can see that this maid of honor is officially in full wedding-planning-assistance mode, so when WineCountry asked me to pen a piece on the topic I was, let's just say, READY. Enjoy!

"As every bride-to-be knows, a wedding is about much more than just the ceremony - it's also about the many special occasions (Dress shopping! Shower! Bachelorette!) leading up to "the big event." What's more, every oeno-inclined bride-to-be also knows that each and every one of these occasions is destined to be still more memorable when paired with the perfect glass of wine. In this spirit, read on for our complete list of wine suggestions for weddings - as well for all of the associated fetes that come before happily ever after.

(List includes wines for:)
The Proposal
The Engagement
The Dress
The Shower
The Bachelorette
The Rehearsal
The Cocktail
The Dinner
The Toast
The Honeymoon

Read it here!

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