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Wine & Video: BFFs or Strange Bedfellows?
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murphyvideo-375.jpgShakespeare once wrote, "all the world's a stage." But a bard savvy in today's Web 2.0 world - in which online video viewing is up an impressive 53 percent in 2009 - would no doubt say, "all the world's online - and in video!" With online video assuming the place of the most-hyped medium in today's already saturated media space, it's no wonder everyone and their winemaker is scrambling to produce a halfway decent wine video.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of wise wine ambassadors doing online video right. Whether by way of clever storylines, stellar technical skills or outstanding subject matter (in some cases a combination of all three), my top picks for oenophiles doing online video succeed in bringing brands to life - not to mention furthering viewers' knowledge, appreciation and enthusiasm for the good stuff. And that benefits everyone in the wine biz - cheers to that.

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Cheers everyone!

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