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Some Chardonnay with Your Lingerie? Yes, Please!
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fredericks.jpgEconomy got you down? News flash: Americans are spending more these days on "affordable luxuries" that make staying in at night even more fabulous than going out. Among the newly hot items fueling the stay-at-home fire, you'll find lingerie (seriously, check out this link) and, you guessed it!, wine. I, for one, am a huge proponent of drinking at home (okay, drinking anywhere, but hang on I have a point) - because of the way it allows you to really take your time with a bottle of something special, savoring each sip and glass as it evolves. Plus, when you're at home you can even - as it seems some of us already are - wear your most racy new lingerie while sipping a properly decanted, sure-to-be-savored wine (note: to achieve maximum satisfaction don't try this alone).

If that's not a cure for the recession blues, I don't know what is.

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