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Sips & Star Power: Wine Pairings for the 81st Annual Academy Awards
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academy-awards.jpgAh, Oscar time. Enjoy this next Top 10 List from WineCountry.com - my second annual Academy Awards wine pairing lineup for them:

"Come February 22, many of us - film and wine buffs alike - will find ourselves settling in to enjoy the time-honored tradition of watching Hollywood's annual version of an all-you-can-eat buffet with extra helpings of couture, paparazzi and bawdy political jokes thrown in for good measure. That's right: it's Oscar time! And, to further enhance your viewing pleasure, this year we're pleased to present our second-annual Academy Awards tasting lineup, complete with frank and - hopefully - amusing commentary on nominated films and personalities.

So whether your star picks turn out to be winners or just plain winers, you'll be guaranteed a good laugh along with a good glass as you take it all in - the most winning combination we can think of.

(List details available at WineCountry.com)

The Curious Case of
...Oh, Hand Me the Magnum Already
Drink Wine, Not Milk
Reading Between the Wines
Slumdog Zinfandel
Frost/Nixon Flavors
Vicky Cristina Barcelona...Lake County?
Wrestling with Reputation
Tropic Thunder Thirst
Wall-E Wine
Revolutionary Red"

Read the full list here

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