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Ingenious Wine Impession #1: "Riding horseback while smoking a cigar and eating a bacon sandwich"
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EmilyWines.jpgEmily Wines, the world's 15th female Master Sommelier and wine director for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants as well as the critically acclaimed Fifth Floor Restaurant, recently related her impression of a certain wine in this way, and I have to say: AWESOME. Wines wrote as much in a very amusing article in the most recent tablehopper, a weekly e-column on all things food put out by my pal and SF food maven Marcia Gagliardi. Besides the horseback reference, Wines (her real last name, how cool is that?!) talks of finding impressions of GAJR, which stands for Green Apple Jolly Rancher, in young German Rieslings; rubber a la dodge balls in South African and Chilean wines; pencil shavings in Chateau Latour (and hence thoughts of second grade sharpening (mis)adventures); sweet tarts in young high-acid whites; and so on. As a sommelier, I too, am frequently struck by nostalgic scent references - sometimes even super wacky-sounding scent references like Wines' - in the wines I'm trying, and so I couldn't agree with her more. Even more cool, until now I've never seen a super credible somm relate such "non-scientific" - but absolutely delightful - impressions in such a public way.

Cheers to breaking new ground. Read Wines' full article here.

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