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Beer Bullies Wine Once Again
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beerwine1.jpgDang it, just when I thought wine was winning the booze battle hands-down, I get wind of the latest Gallup poll results, which show preferences among folks 30-49 years shifting - for the first time since 2002 - from wine back towards beer. In fact, the most recent results show beer in a double-digit lead over wine for the first time in years, something that makes me sad, since wine was doing SO WELL in its impressive march upwards in US consumer preferences in recent years. Even more of a bummer? Beer is the clear preference over wine among the 20-something set,

the folks who make up the bulk of Hip Tasters!

Still, what these results don't clearly show is that wine is still on the rise nationwide, among all age groups - including 20-somethings. In fact, peeps in their 20s are buying more wine, more often and at higher price points than any generation before them. So take that, beer!

The whole hoopla also calls to mind an interesting new book - He Said Beer, She Said Wine - which I've not had the pleasure of reading yet, though I DID watch an entertaining video about it on the book's Amazon page. The book pits a brewmaster (male, shockingly enough) against a sommelier (female, so now there's some nice sexual tension in the mix) as they duke it out over whether beer or wine is the best beverage. Or so the concept goes. If you read the Amazon language a little more closely it sounds more like a tutuorial on both beer and wine, with some banter between the two authors thrown in for gimmicky measure. If anyone's read it and has insights, do share.

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