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Spring in New York!
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lovelyspring.jpgI've been in New York doing some early publicity for the book (official release date Oct 4, 2007), and want to share some AMAZING snaps I took in Central Park. Being here in late April means the city is FINALLY waking up from its long winter sleep, and everywhere I look trees are blooming and people are outdoors enjoying some of the first serious rays they've seen in a long time.

centparksign.jpgI walked into the park from the southeast corner in midtown, right by the Plaza Hotel. You can see in this snap that the historic spot's undergoing renovations to convert most of its rooms to condominiums. When I first heard about these sweeping changes at one of New York's most famous landmarks, I'll admit I was pretty bummed. plaza.jpgBut, turns out the developer plans to retain some of the rooms as well as the ballroom and the historic Oak Room restaurant, so I don't feel quite so squeemish about the whole thing anymore. Construction's rumored to wrap by year's end.

guys&horses.jpgIn other Central Park news, I love the horse-drawn carriages that hang out picking up tourists just outside the entrance to the park. I've never actually been in one, but I just love that they're such a NYC fixture - the kind of fixture you see over and over again in movies. On this visit there were some dreadlock-ed dudes break dancing in super bright shirts just outside the park, and I thought they made a great contrast to the horses and buggies just behind them. So NYC!!

In other snaps, you'll see my trusty Starbuck's latte (I wouldn't dream of cruising the Big Apple without one) and the famous bridge we've all seen time and again in photos of the park. In keeping with the spring theme of this entry, there was a couple being photographed on the bridge for their wedding photo; check out the zoomed-in version of the same pic to see them. What could be more "spring time in New York" than newlyweds in Central Park!? Enjoy.


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