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Show Me the Cabernet
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label-blue.jpgLeave it to the renegades over at Three Thieves to put out the snazziest-looking bottle of wine I've seen in a while. The brand spanking new "The Show" California Cabernet Sauvignon isn't a serious wine, but it's seriously fun. And with labels created by 100+-year-old country music poster master Hatch Show Print (whose body of work includes show posters for the likes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams & Patsy Cline), the bottles capture the spirit of the Old West alongside a consummately quaffable blend that's decidedly tailored to today's tastes.

all_labels_show.jpgBottles of "The Show," which were first released earlier this year and are - according to sources at parent company Trinchero Estates - selling terrifically well, have an unusual shape with a more gradual shoulder and deeper punt than traditional Bordeaux bottles. They're also heavier than most bottles, and this extra heft - along with the bottles' super masculine graphics - make The Show an ideal Man Wine, in my estimation.

label-green.jpgWhat, exactly, are Man Wines? They're the wines that guys invariably seem to like, whether it be because they're super rich, extra heavy or just aesthetically "guy-appealing." Think Port, Argentine Malbec, big Cabs. And, if there was a heavyweight class for Man Wines, I'm pretty sure The Show would win. It's like the Uber Man Wine with its heavy bottle, super concentrated flavors and showy label. But enough about that: my sister also loved it, and she's definitely not a man (although we DID drank it with some men present, but they were gay; am I actually making a point here or treading further and further away from making sense???). No matter, onward to the tasting notes!

label-yellow.jpgTasting Notes
Ahem! From the guys who brought us Bandit tetra pack "juice box" wines not long ago comes a full-bodied red that shows aromas of gingersnaps, alcohol (frankly), pie raspberries, cinnamon, vanilla and resin. The palate offers up low-moderate acid and moderate tannin alongside gobs of jammy fruit including plum and more raspberry. Some baking spice on the vanilla-y finish rounds out the experience that's definitely not complex but a fun ride - especially for new winos. I'd definitely bring this to a BBQ or to a party with lots of beer drinkers - they'll love it!

Widely available.

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