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What NOT to Give: the Wine Dildo
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dildo.jpgI couldn't resist posting this. The comparison was just too obvious, the humor too low-brow to NOT. This is a pic of the $125 "Wine/Champagne Saver" (AKA Wine Dildo) available at Williams-Sonoma this holiday season. I don't really think there's much to explain, especially when I noticed people walking by and laughing at it. Basically, you see it, you get it.

dildo2.jpgMy friend Rebecca and I had a good laugh over it before heading out for a drink in San Fran's Marina district earlier this month. I'm happy to report that I DID find a wine gift worth giving on the same trip, so I don't consider the visit to the retailer a total wash.

closeupofbuythis.jpgHere are some more pics of the Wine Dildo and a snap of me with what I DO recommend giving this holiday season in the wine theme: this really cute tube filled with Riedel stemless "O" glasses. I plan to give some to members of my family (my dad, specifically, to up his wine cool factor) this year, and think the packaging's super appealing. Well done, Riedel!

dobuythis.jpgAnd, down with the wine dildos! Here's to hoping you don't get one this year.

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