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My Chef Wears Marc Jacobs
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mjs.jpgNow, let's be honest: does it really matter what you wear in the kitchen? Meaning, is your food inspired by what you're wearing when you concoct it? Probably not. Or, at least, not likely in professional kitchens, where they're almost invariably wearing chefs' whites and sterile accessories like starched aprons and clogs. But, deep down inside, I secretly hope that instead of clogs my chef will instead be shod in these fabulous Marc Jacobs heels, replete with multi-colored semi-psychedelic flare for good measure (and a lot of inspiration). Everyone, meet Jamie Lauren, '05 SF Chron Rising Star Chef and soon-to-be fabu food purveyor at Prana Resto.

chefjamie.jpgJamie, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Prana Restaurant opening party last week here in the city, has fantastic fashion sense in addition to her culinary prowess. I don't have to dwell on the latter since she's got a heck of a pedigree to be heading up a "big deal" new destination dining spot in one of the world's hottest dining cities. Instead, what struck me when I met her was how VERY HIP she is. I mean, take a look. What's not to like?

buddha.jpgAnd, besides Jamie's being very fabulous, the food's not bad either. In fact, I really enjoyed the tray passed hors d'oeuvres that were offered at the swank opening, which gave a promising glimpse at what this new spot's going to turn out: Cal-Indian fusion, with an emphasis on organic, locally grown and seasonal ingredients.

funpeopleatprana.jpgJamie grew up in NYC, where she sampled the best Indian cuisine that could be found in that city's many fabulous neighborhood Indian joints. Now a SF gal, she's striving to bring the two worlds together. And if the nibbles I tried last week are a preview of what's to come, we should be excited.

horsdoves.jpgBesides just good eats and a hot chef, Prana will apparently be a destination party joint as well. After dinner the lights will go down and tables will make way for a club. I'm a little nervous about the timing - the Prana folks promise the partying won't go down 'til the dining ends, something that sounds diff in this late night dining town - but otherwise it sounds like a go to me. Sort of like Supper Club without having to remain chained to your table after hours. Why not? Hopefully, Jamie will make a cameo at the club in her MJ's. ;)

11.5.06 - Quick update - looks like Jamie's moved on from the Prana project due to some logistical glitches. Marcia Gagliardi of Tablehopper.com has the latest:

"A number of you have asked what's going on with ~PRANA--well, things have been on hold due to some tricky permit issues on the 70-year-old building, primarily an easement issue (CalTrans owns the land on the Natoma exit side of the building). The day they hoped to get their final sign-off (a couple months ago) is when the issue was raised of verifying easement--without totally boring you with nightmarish details, the unfortunate outcome is construction was halted and most of the staff had to be let go (including Executive Chef Jamie Lauren, Beverage Manager Alison Harper, the new pastry chef, servers, and others involved in the project) due to financial constraints. The folks behind the project are hoping to get this all squared away with the city soon, and since revenue is obviously their priority, the club, Temple, will be opening before the restaurant. More will be revealed in the coming months..."

A few more snaps from the eve, including one of me with G, a cute bag & boots, and Marcia Gagliardi (of Tablehopper fame) with Jamie

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