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Haiku, cubed
filed under: Winning Wines

winecube.jpgoh so compact cube!
Syrah is juicy and hot
simple but pleasant

*props go out to my buddies at Red Wine Haiku blog, for inspiration for this piece

When I was home for Mother's Day my mom gave me a Wine Cube she picked up at Target on a shopping trip. Isn't it fantastic the ways moms will continue to buy you random stuff that makes them think of you, even when you're a confirmed adult? Thanks, Mom.

The cube I tried has the equivalent of two 750 mL bottles inside and fits snugly into a small space in your frige. I really enjoyed giving it a whirl, especially since it's so cute. I would definitely take the cube along with me to a party this summer - it's good enough to not be declared bad on the spot (can't you picture them saying "oh horror! boxed wine!"?) but forgettable enough you won't mind if it's scarfed by a drunken party-goer or two when you're getting your BBQ outside.

What else to say about this thing? It's available exclusively at Target, and it's inexpensive - $9 for the equivalent of two bottles. I tried the 2003 California Cabernet-Shiraz blend, and they've got a few more types available, including Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. But what I really like about the cube is that it's further evidence of good ole' Tar-jay's successful movement into the realm of hip and cool stuff. First they had Isaac, now they've got the cube.

The taste? Really simple, but not bad. I didn't think the stuff really merited a serious tasting note, so, taking a cue from my buddies over at Red Wine Haiku blog, I thought I'd try my hand at the medium to describe the stuff succinctly and cutely. Appropriately, in other words.


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